The Exciting Final Of “Rookie-Marketing Of The Year 2017” At Hutech

On March 30th, the final of the competition named “Rookie-Marketing of the year 2017” officially took place in the conference room (A-08.20) of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH).

Being one of the honorable speakers, Mr. Ly Truong Chien showed his appreciation towards all partcipants of this year’s competition. As also mentioned by him, Marketing is supposed to be a potential market in the following years. Students, therefore, are expected to continuously gain a deep insight into this field by studying more and applying what they have already learned from this competition in order to get better academic achievements and consequently become future leaders. 

20 teams competing at the Final of “Rookie-Marketing of the year 2017”
Participating in two stages, namely “Knockout Stage” and “Shine yourself”, all teams roused the atmosphere of the final with exciting and surprising presentations. More precisely, at the “Knockout Stage”, the competitors were chosen randomly by lots, and they then had to debate a topic given by the examiners. Since the contestants showed their firm and confident skills during the debates, the examiners and the audience were completely surprised and convinced.

1-on-1 round

Judges voting yes/no to the answers
Winning over the other contestants who are also talented, the ten best teams proceeded to the final stage called “Shine yourself”. In 5 minutes, each team had to solve problems given by the examiners. The most exciting part is that these ten teams were asked to show their talents through presentations in order to draw the attention of the board of examiners as well as the audience.



Teams winning the 1-on-1 round performing before the judges
Overcoming challenging stages, the team led by Phan Thi Thu Thuy coming from Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Law became this year’s champions. The second best winners were Le The Bao’s team (University of Food Industry), and the third prizes went to Lam Dai Ngoc’s team (HUTECH University). Thanks to the achievements gaining from this competition, all members from these three teams were awarded a short-term abroad education in Ajou University in South Korea.
It would be not complete not to mention the other seven best teams, namely teams led by Vu Minh Hieu (HUTECH University), Nguyen Hoang Khanh Linh (HUTECH University), Ho Thi Huyen Trang (University of Economics), Nguyen Ngoc Huan (University of Natural Sciences), Lam Thi Ngoc Huyen (University of Economics and Law), Bui Bao Khang (University of Economics and Law), and Tran Thi Ninh (HUTECH University).


Winning teams receiving the prizes

“Rookie-Marketing of the year 2017” competition was successfully organized as this has brought a good opportunity for students coming from various universities in Ho Chi Minh City to practice and enlarge their knowledge related to their major. Furthermore, this could be supposed as a chance for them to bring what they have learned from school into real life.
Article: Thanh Truc
Photo: Thien Di

Translator: Ngoc Bach

Nguồn: https://www.hutech.edu.vn/english/index.php/news/hutech-news/14569587-the-exciting-final-of-rookie-marketing-of-the-year-2017-at-hutech