A Success story of FasterCapital at 2018

A Success story of FasterCapital at 2018 FasterCapital.com is a global virtual incubator established in 2010. FasterCapital offers a unique program of co-founding and co-funding for non-technical entrepreneurs. As a cofounder, FC works with the entrepreneurs on developing the software side of their startup (mobile, web) from A to Z. On the other hand, FC as a co-funder will co-fund the startup from idea stage until it can generate enough money, investing up to 50% of the initial capital of the company (amount between 200K - 2M$). 

BookThatBook.com is a startup that joined FasterCapital incubation program on 30th of Jan, 2018 and was able to raise USD 400k in its seed funding phase. BookThatBook offers a solution where sellers and buyers of books can discover each other and exchange books. The solution asks the customer to define the type of book (school, university or other) and thus enable easier search and matching. The solution is available as a mobile app and accessible also through HTML5 from feature phones or from PC/laptops.

We are happy to announce that BookThatBook has launched its website on 7th August 2018. On the cooperation between FasterCapital and BookThatBook, Lea Sweeney (one of the founders of BookThatBook) said: "We have already agreed on product specification with FasterCapital and we are now in the development stage. We can't wait until we have the product ready! FasterCapital and its team are all doing a great job of helping us and the sales team here in the US make a unique product". We at FasterCapital are also very happy with the cooperation with BookThatBook and our role as a technical co-founder and advisor. Mr. Hesham Zreik (Founder of FasterCapital) has commented: "Innovative startups are hard to find these days especially in an industry that is overpopulated by too many wanna-be entrepreneurs who don't have a unique approach to the problem. After the early discussions with the team of BookThatBook, it was clear that they are up to something unique in addressing the problem. We immediately saw that such an opportunity is something we shouldn't miss especially when we felt that there are a common vision and common understanding of the product that needs to be built. We estimate that an early version of the product will be ready within 3 months or so. We are also excited to launch it"

FasterCapital envisions a world in which no start-up should be left behind simply because of the lack of access to funding, lack of technical knowledge, mentorship and access to vital connections. FasterCapital strives its very best to find, help and empower the next generation of value-driven and far-reaching start-ups and provide a one-stop solution to all the tech-based start-ups, irrespective of wherever they are. FasterCapital is open now its 3rd round of funding for 2018 http://fastercapital.com/entrepreneur/joinus.html to any entrepreneur has a promising idea but lacks the technical knowledge.